[Mailman-i18n] When to use mailman.po with templates included?

Osmo Kujala KUJALA at jylk.jyu.fi
Wed Mar 22 10:10:05 CET 2006


We are going to continue work with finnish translation and
need some advice. I figured out that we could just edit finnish
mailman.po which has templates included and use po2templ-program
to get the templates out of it? Some questions:

Are there plans to handle "live" template translations using _('...')
call in the future?

When would be estimated time to Mailman version 2.2 be available
(for testing)?  Or first that has template texts in mailman.po.

best regards


Osmo Kujala, Mailman site admin @jyu.fi (Univ. of Jyväskylä)

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