[Mailman-i18n] Asturian translation for Mailman

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Tue Dec 8 05:56:36 CET 2009

Mark Sapiro wrote:
>The encoding of the mailman.po is declared as iso-8859-1 and this
>appears to be correct. It also appears that at least some of the
>templates are iso-8859-1, but having looked at just a few, it seems
>that at least adminsubscribeack.txt is utf-8 encoded. It doesn't
>matter what the encoding is, although utf-8 is preferred, but
>everything must be the same encoding.

Upon further examination it seems that adminsubscribeack.txt is the
only utf-8 encoded template. I re-encoded it as iso-8859-1 so now
everything appears to be iso-8859-1.

>Also just looking at the first two html templates, I see things like
>"%%28detailsurl%29s" and "%%28summaryurl%29s". These need to be
>"%(detailsurl)s" and "%(summaryurl)s". The html escaping of the ()
>characters will break the substitution of those variables.

It turns out only (, ), < and > were html escaped and only in href=
strings. This is understandable, but in this case  these characters
are part of the syntax of substitutions so they should not be escaped
and the substituted strings will be OK. I fixed these and I also used
a script of mine to convert the non-ascii characters in html templates
to html entities.

Also, apparently, in an attempt to make valid XHTML, you have added
numerous end tags. E.g. where the English subscribe.html template has


yours has



Since the tags </mm-mailman-footer> and </mm-results> are not known to
Mailman, this will cause the HTML generated from the template to
contain the results followed by the footer followed by the two
extraneous end tags. Thus, while your templates look valid, the actual
HTML generated from them is not.

I have also run transcheck and fixed several errors: here are the
remaining ones:

HTML checking templates/ast/admlogin.html...
   I fixed an error in this template, but my fix needs to be translated
HTML checking templates/ast/archidxhead.html...
 - Too much %(listname)s
TXT  checking templates/ast/invite.txt...
 - Too few %(listname)s
HTML checking templates/ast/listinfo.html...
 - Too few <mm-digest-question-start>
 - Too few <mm-list-name>
 - Too few <mm-digest-question-end>
HTML checking templates/ast/options.html...
 - Too few <mm-presentable-user>
 - Too few <mm-list-name>
TXT  checking templates/ast/postack.txt...
   I fixed an error in this template, but my fix needs to be translated
TXT  checking templates/ast/probe.txt...
 - %(password)s was not found
HTML checking templates/ast/subscribe.html...
 - Too few <mm-list-name>
PO   checking messages/ast/LC_MESSAGES/mailman.po...
 - near line 1045 ['Mailman/Cgi/admin.py:1219']: Too few %(adminurl)s
 - near line 1575 ['Mailman/Cgi/confirm.py:362']: Too few %(listname)s
 - near line 7841 ['Mailman/MailList.py:1010']: %(realname)s was not
 - near line 11187 ['bin/update:688']: Too few %(listname)s

I have attached po.diff.txt showing the changes I made to mailman.po.

The changes I made to the templates include removing the extraneous
</mm-*> tags, changing non-ascii characters to html entities in html
templates and fixing the erroneously escaped '(', ')', '<' and '>'
characters. This leaves the transcheck errors above.

The translation has been installed to the 2.1 branch on launchpad
although it still needs a few tweaks.

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