[Mailman-i18n] Polish language template files

Stefan Plewako splewako at aviary.pl
Wed Jan 18 15:39:01 EST 2017

> Wiadomość napisana przez Mark Sapiro <mark at msapiro.net> w dniu 18.01.2017, o godz. 20:36:
> On 01/18/2017 10:21 AM, Stefan Plewako wrote:
>>> Wiadomość napisana przez Mark Sapiro <mark at msapiro.net> w dniu 18.01.2017, o godz. 18:45:
>>> It solves the problem of garbled characters in the web UI in
>>> installations that maintain Mailman's character set for Polish as
>>> iso-8859-2 but have web servers that force utf-8 or other non-iso-8859-2
>>> charactersets
>> Is it? Do I understand correctly that Mailman will on the fly detect encoding enforced by web server and convert texts provided for placeholders (also content?) in changed templates to that enforced encoding? I'm sure there are other good questions.
> No. Mailman does not detect the encoding enforced by the web server.
> Mailman builds pages from the templates as provided and sends them with
> a Content-Type header specifying the encoding as Mailman's configured
> character set for the language. The problem occurs when the web server
> tries to enforce a different character encoding causing the encoding
> specified to the browser to not match that of the page.

OK, so the change doesn't solve any problem that I know off and especially not the problem of garbled characters in the web UI. In fact it hides the real problem making discovering it harder (not much but still) as some (touched) characters will display correctly.

>>> I don't understand. Can you elaborate on what exactly you don't like and
>>> what you would prefer?
>> I don't like rushed, not exactly understood changes to work of others without even attempting to consult them.
> I have explained in the past my reasons for not accepting your utf-8
> encoded templates and message catalog as is and have always recoded them
> to iso-8859-2. You have been informed of this. See, e.g.,
> <https://mail.python.org/pipermail/mailman-i18n/2015-February/001854.html>.

Yes and I have no idea how that relates to the current topic.

> What I have done here is only an extension of that recoding which
> replaces iso-8859-2 encoded characters in html templates with equivalent
> html entities.

In my opinion you fail to accept that in best case you didn't change nothing visibly, in worst case you introduced new bugs.

> Please understand that I appreciate your work in keeping the Polish
> translation up to date and I hope you continue, but there are various
> technical problems that can occur that would be disruptive to existing
> Polish language lists if I just arbitrarily switched Mailman's encoding
> for Polish to utf-8.

Quite frankly I doubt that and please stop suggesting that I requested switching default encoding for Polish to UTF-8 again (*after* the mentioned discussion in early 2015).

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