[Mailman-i18n] Polish language template files

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Wed Jan 18 16:46:54 EST 2017

On 01/18/2017 12:39 PM, Stefan Plewako wrote:
> OK, so the change doesn't solve any problem that I know off and especially not the problem of garbled characters in the web UI. In fact it hides the real problem making discovering it harder (not much but still) as some (touched) characters will display correctly.

Perhaps I don't understand, but the OP in this thread had a problem with
garbled characters in the web UI of a Polish language list which he said
was solved by installing your utf-8 encoded templates.

This says to me that he has a Mailman installation where the character
set for Polish is iso-8859-2, and his web server was overriding that and
forcing utf-8 thus sending iso-8859-2 encoded characters to the browser
and claiming they were utf-8.

This issue can be fixed in general by encoding the problem characters as
html entities which will render properly in the browser regardless of
the encoding of the page. That is the change I made.

Granted, there may still be problems with characters from strings in the
message catalog or in list attributes, but these won't be fixed by
encoding the template as utf-8 either.

>> What I have done here is only an extension of that recoding which
>> replaces iso-8859-2 encoded characters in html templates with equivalent
>> html entities.
> In my opinion you fail to accept that in best case you didn't change nothing visibly, in worst case you introduced new bugs.

I think in the best case, I have addressed the issue described above,
and if I have introduced new bugs, I hope they will be reported and I
can either fix them or reverse my change.

>> Please understand that I appreciate your work in keeping the Polish
>> translation up to date and I hope you continue, but there are various
>> technical problems that can occur that would be disruptive to existing
>> Polish language lists if I just arbitrarily switched Mailman's encoding
>> for Polish to utf-8.
> Quite frankly I doubt that and please stop suggesting that I requested switching default encoding for Polish to UTF-8 again (*after* the mentioned discussion in early 2015).

I'm sorry you doubt that and I'm sorry that I implied you were
requesting switching the default encoding for Polish to UTF-8.

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