[Mailman-Users] Mailman 1.0b6

John Viega John at list.org
Sat Nov 7 23:24:20 CET 1998

Ok, 1.0b6 is finally done.  I needed some info from Barry, and he sent
it this morning, then I wasn't around until a little while ago.  I'm
going to hold off about a day on a more widespread announcement, just
to make sure you guys don't find any big show-stoppers that we missed.

You can get it off the home page (http://www.list.org), or at:

New in b6:

  - Archiving is (finally) back in.

  - Administrivia filter added.

  - Mail queue mechanism revamped with better concurrency control.

  - For recipients that have estmp MTAs, set delivery notification
    status so that only delivery failure notices are sent out,
    inhibiting 4 hour and N day warning notices.

  - Now expire old unconfirmed subscription requests, rather than keeping
    them forever.

  - Added proposed standard List-Id: header, and our own X-MailmanVersion

  - Prevent havoc from attempts to subscribe a list to itself.  (!)

  - Refine mail command processing to prevent loops.

  - Pending subscription DB redone with better locking and cleaner

  - posters functionality expanded.

  - Subcsription policy more flexible, sensible, and site-configurable.

  - Various and sundry bug fixes.


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