[Mailman-Users] permission denied to archives dir with apache

Corbett J. Klempay cklempay at acm.jhu.edu
Wed Nov 11 20:44:33 CET 1998

Yes, I had a pretty much identical problem (RH 5.1 machine).  What does an
ls -l look like in your /home/mailman/archives/private/ dir look like?
Scott (scott at chronis.pobox.com) logged onto my system and found that a
bunch of the symlinks were all crackheaded..some pointed to the right
place, and others didn't. After he fixed this, (and I used the arch script
to import my accumulated list archives) all has been fine and dandy.

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On Wed, 11 Nov 1998, John Lewis wrote:

> Firstly, I just installed Mailman 1.0b6 on my RedHat 5.2 box, and I am VERY
> impressed.  The directions were excellent, everything happened as it
> should, and all is working as it should (except for my one problem).  The
> developers should be proud of what you have done.  A million thanks to all
> your hard work to make this happen.
> My problem is that when I try to access the archives directory from a
> browser, I get the following:
> Forbidden
> You don't have permission to access /pipermail/testlist on this server.
> I am running Apache 1.3.1, and have added the appropriate alias entry in
> srm.conf for pipermail
> Everything else is running great, so perhaps there is a simple access
> issue, or line to add to some config file that would allow access to the
> archives/public directory?
> Thanks.
> John Lewis
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