[Mailman-Users] Slow python process

Szabo, Balazs dlux at dlux.sch.bme.hu
Wed Nov 18 16:40:31 CET 1998


  When I  get an  email to a  very popular list,  the python  is working
with  this  letter a  lot.  One  python  process  is tooks  about  50-60
seconds with  a letter. The list  has about 300 members,  and they write
usually 150-200  letters per  day. Some  times when I  see the  "top", I
see 6-7 python  process running with the "post" script. Why  it takes so
much for  posting one  letter? I  don't think  that sending  150 letters
takes  about  50 seconds.  I  think  it could  be  the  archiver. Is  it
possible? If  it is,  how can  change the behaviour  of the  archiver? I
only want to make the archiver working eg. once a day.

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