[Mailman-Users] HELP! Really like mailman, need help getting it to work.

John Lewis jlewis at prospace.org
Thu Oct 1 02:40:17 CEST 1998

Greetings all, I'm REALLY excited about mailman, and am dying to get it up and
running.  I followed the very well written instructions (except for the mail
archiver section), and am running into the following problem.
Firstly, I am running Redhat 5.1 on an Intel box.  Python 1.5 is installed.
skipped the mail archiver step as I could not make heads or tails of the
recommended software.
I created a new list without a problem, and was able to access it with a web
browser.  However, when trying to submit changes, I would get the below
Please, I am not exactly a UNIX guru, but desperately need to get a mailing
list system up and running for our non profit organization, and really would
love to get mailman working rather than having to wrestle with majordomo.  ANY
help anyone can offer to get this going would help extremely.

John Lewis
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