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Jean-Bernard ADDOR jbaddor at sca.uqam.ca
Fri Oct 16 16:44:08 CEST 1998

Hy again!

I have absolutly no idea about mailman implementation. I found great the
interface and to use python to do the job. And now my system administrator
install it. In the meantime I use a path with procmail to do the job in my
personal account. Some users (multiple lists subscribers) suggested me
that it is desirable to receive only once crosposted messages. So
yesterday I organised my patch as a person list and for each person I have
a list of subscribed list and I do the posting accordingly to that list. 
It is completly person oriented. But it is a simple provisional patch and
I hope I'll be able to use mailman soon. I strongly hope one day mailman
will be able to do the same. It sould work with one person database only
without all the terrific staff you told me (sorry if I completly
misunderstand how mailman works, I never imaginated it was so complex). 
It could be essential with an ombrella list organisation as suggested
yesterday on this list. It is very desirable for user with poor internet
link (I have a lot of subscribers in southern contries). I have a dream to
install a e-mail to fax gateway so multiple posting of crossposted
messages could be problematic.

Thank you for information and special thanks to the programmers to allows
people communicate with such a beautifull tool.

See you,


On 16 Oct 1998, Harald Meland wrote:

> [Jean-Bernard ADDOR]
> > We have not finished the installation yet and I don't know what
> > happen if a message is crossposted on many lists, but I strongly
> > hope it will be send to a multiple subscriber only once.
> I doubt it.  In order for that to work, Mailman would have to have:
>  * a way of detecting when a message is posted to several Mailman
>    lists.  Today the "post" commands for the various lists are started
>    by the MTA, and lead entirely separate lives.
>  * a way of deciding _which_ of the MTA-started "post" commands should
>    send the message to the multiple-subscribed address.
> A way of doing this would be to have a global database over what
> message-ids (a message-uniqe ID, not necessarily from the Message-Id:
> header.  Determining this id is not necessarily trivial) that have
> been sent to what addresses.  The first list to process a new
> message-id for anyt given address, enters the message-id/address pair
> into the database, thereby blocking any other "post" commands from
> sending that message to that address.
> Personally, I think this would be rather kludgy (to say the least).
> But, while we're on the subject of interprocess communication: I have
> some lists consisting of sublists, and I would like all of them to be
> moderated.  Is there any (moderation-safe) way of saying "Once a
> message has been allowed onto the superlist, don't ask for
> confirmation from the sublists"?
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> Harald
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