[Mailman-Users] Exim patch

Szabo, Balazs dlux at dlux.sch.bme.hu
Mon Oct 19 01:35:12 CEST 1998


  I am  using Exim,  and I  have problems with  the aliases  formt. This  is a
very simple patch, that swaps the '"' with the '|' in the newlist file:


--- bin/newlist.orig Mon Oct 19 01:31:12 1998
+++ bin/newlist Mon Oct 19 01:31:15 1998
@@ -91,9 +91,9 @@

 ## %(listname)s mailing list
 ## created: %(date)s %(user)s
-%(list)s |"%(wrapper)s post %(listname)s"
-%(admin)s |"%(wrapper)s mailowner %(listname)s"
-%(request)s |"%(wrapper)s mailcmd %(listname)s"
+%(list)s "|%(wrapper)s post %(listname)s"
+%(admin)s "|%(wrapper)s mailowner %(listname)s"
+%(request)s "|%(wrapper)s mailcmd %(listname)s"
 %(owner1)s %(listname)s-admin
 %(owner2)s %(listname)s-admin
 ''' % {'listname': list_name,

This patch is for the b6 CVS version.

      mailto:dlux at dlux.rulez.org

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