[Mailman-Users] changing defaults

John Reekie johnr at eecs.berkeley.edu
Thu Apr 1 04:27:20 CEST 1999

On a related subject, I need to write a script
that creates a set of mail lists, and then sets
them up with different configuration values. I have
tried calling the 'admin.py' script in Mailman.Cgi
but cannot figure out how to run it. I apologize for
asking such a dumb (I know Python not...) question,
but how do I invoke these and what format would the
arguments be in?

Or is this the wrong way to do this? I would rather
call existing code if I can.



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> Alan Neiman wrote:
> > 
> > I have found the "defaults.py" and the "mm_cfg.py" files, 
> and I've been able to
> > change almost all the defaults we want to.  I do have a 
> problem with the
> > archives.  We would like it turned off, and can't get that 
> part working.  I have
> > added/changed the following line in both files, but the 
> lists are still being
> > created with archives turned on.
> the defaults are used at list creation time to populate the new lists'
> configuration. The system doesn't defer back to the original defaults,
> so you'll need to adjust each of your current lists to turn off
> archiving.
> Cheers,
> -g
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