[Mailman-Users] changing defaults

Barry A. Warsaw bwarsaw at cnri.reston.va.us
Thu Apr 1 06:00:48 CEST 1999

>>>>> "AN" == Alan Neiman <alann at ihs.com> writes:

    AN> I have found the "defaults.py" and the "mm_cfg.py" files, and
    AN> I've been able to change almost all the defaults we want to.
    AN> I do have a problem with the archives.  We would like it
    AN> turned off, and can't get that part working.  I have
    AN> added/changed the following line in both files, but the lists
    AN> are still being created with archives turned on.


What's probably happening is that it /seems/ as if archiving is turned 
on because that's what's displayed on the Web pages.  However, setting 
ARCHIVE_TO_MBOX in mm_cfg should effectively disable archiving.  If
I'm reading the code correctly, the attribute `archive' on the
MailList object is what's displayed in the "Archive Messages?" value.

If this is false, then when a message reaches MailList.Post(),
Archiver.ArchiveMail() is never called.  Once in .ArchiveMail(),
ARCHIVE_TO_MBOX further short circuits archiving.

Here's some pseudo code to explain what you could write to change

for listname in mymailinglists:
    mlist = MailList(listname)
    mlist.archive = 0

Hope that helps.

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