[Mailman-Users] Re: Pointers to using mailman with exim

Joshua E. Rodd jerodd at noah.dhs.org
Fri Apr 2 06:26:13 CEST 1999

J C Lawrence wrote:
> You need two stanzas in your exim config for running mailman under
> exim.  They are required so that the UID and GID are set
> appropriately for delivering mail to mailman, and to read the
> appropriate aliases file for mailman.

I'm afraid I don't understand where those stanzas go. I tried tacking
them onto the end of /etc/exim.conf, but that flat out didn't work.

exim(8) was unhelpful, and I can't find anything in mailman about
using it with exim. Once I get it to work, I think I'll write
a README.exim file for mailman. =)


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