[Mailman-Users] A couple of questions

Richard Ellerbrock RichardE at eskom.co.za
Wed Apr 7 15:01:57 CEST 1999

Just a compliment to start off with. I think that mailman is the best thing since sliced bread!

Now for the questions:

Under the list admin web page, membership management page, mass subscribe section how does a person change the "Send Welcome message to this batch?" to default to no.

If I change the DEFAULT_MAX_MESSAGE_SIZE = 2048 in the mm_cfg.py file, the web page only displays the first three characters (204). Bug!

Under the list admin web page, Archival Options, how do I change Archive Options to default to No? If I change ARCHIVE_TO_MBOX = -1 in mm_cfg.py, strange things happen. The web page still says Yes and I can never get archiving turned on again. I now have to resort to manually changing this to No for each list that I create. Bummer!

I would really like to see a generic interface for user subscriptions like Listserv has. All admin commands can be sent to an address like listserv at myhost.com with subscribe, view list etc. commands. Anybody willing to do this? It should be pretty simple writing a wrapper around mailman, but I do not know python and I do not have the time to figure it out.

Richard Ellerbrock
richarde at eskom.co.za

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