[Mailman-Users] automated subscriptions

Ryan McLean ghent at starshadow.com
Thu Apr 8 23:00:34 CEST 1999

  Thanks for the tip.  As to the users not being able to unsubscribe
themselves, I use this for (amoung other things) sending important
annoucenments, emergencies, planned outages, etc etc to all the users who
subscribe to my services.  I don't want them removing themselves from THAT
list as it's very important that they recieve anything asnd everything
sent to that list.  As to other mailing lists that I have hosted, I don't
care about those :)

 - Ryan

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 * Starshadow Communications
 * Calgary, Alberta, Canada - Cleveland, Ohio USA
 * http://www.starshadow.com

On Thu, 8 Apr 1999, Christopher Lindsey wrote:

> >   I wanted to know if there was a way to force subscriptions through,
> > using some sort of admin password.  I have several "adduser" type scripts
> > that need to add users to various mailing lists as they sign up for
> > services.  Having the user confirm these subscriptions is
> > counter-productive, I just want it to add them to the without the user
> > having any control over it.  Along that line, is there any way to prevent
> > users from unsubscribing themselves from the list?
> There's an add_members script in
>    $prefix/bin
> that will add users to a list without requiring confirmation.
> As far as not allowing them to be removed without admin intervention
> (and despite the fact that the policy you're describing sounds kind of
> fascist (but hey, that's what procmail filters to /dev/null are for,
> right?)) you would have to hack the source, I think.
> I'm not sure what advantages mailman gets you if the users can't do
> anything with their subscription -- why give them a Web interface?
> Chris

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