[Mailman-Users] Feature request for moderated lists

Lyndon Drake lyndon at kcbbs.gen.nz
Fri Apr 9 23:36:23 CEST 1999


We have a moderated list, where it is expected that most if not all posts
will be accepted.  The problem I have is that every poster will receive
two automatic messages in response to their post: one to acknowledge that
it has been received, and another to inform them that their post has been

I would really like to have the option of turning off the confirmation of
receipt and the acceptance message (I can't imagine that anyone would want
to turn of rejection notification).  It would save people a lot of extra
emails when posting.

(BTW: Something I forgot in my last post was to mention that I have
 modified all the text files that get mailed to list subscribers so as to
 omit any mention of the web interface.  If the modifications would be
 useful to anyone else, please let me know.)


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