[Mailman-Users] BUG(S): Mailman ignoring setting of privacy option to replace li

Nicholson James D James.Nicholson at amedd.army.mil
Sat Apr 10 08:13:14 CEST 1999

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> From:	Christopher Lindsey [SMTP:lindsey at ncsa.uiuc.edu]
> Sent:	Saturday, April 10, 1999 1:53 AM
> To:	James.Nicholson at amedd.army.mil
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> Subject:	Re: [Mailman-Users] BUG(S):  Mailman ignoring setting of
> privacy option to replace li
> > Problem:  Selecting the privacy option to "Hide the sender of a message,
> > replacing it with the list address" is ignored by mailman.  The sender
> is
> > still listed in the From field.  And frankly, if mailman can't do this,
> then
> > it is a fancy way to manage mail aliases.  
> What version of mailman are you using?  And did you mean From_, or From:?
> At any rate, I wasn't able to reproduce this (mailman faithfully replaced
> all of my headers (except for the initial Received: header identifying
> me)...  
	I have apache 1.3.6 (new download) and Mailman 1.0b11.  When I
config the list to replace the From field in mail to be the list, it doesn't
do it.  The From field is still the individual sender.  I'm talking about
individually mailed messages to each member on my test list.  I'm glad it
works for you.  I'm using an SGI, IRIX 6.2.  There may be something very
funky about the SGI supplied sendmail.  It won't even give a version number.
Anyone else run into problems on SGI?

> > Also, mailman can't allow apache to implement one security feature in
> the
> > httpd.conf recommended by apache, namely:
> > <Directory />
> >    Order deny,allow
> >    Deny from all
> > </Directory>
> > 
>    <Directory $prefix/cgi-bin/>
>       Options SymLinksIfOwnerMatch ExecCGI
>    </Directory>
> You need to allow access to the CGI scripts for the Web interface to
> work, but that's it (replace $prefix with your installation directory).
	[Nicholson James D]  I assure you that those commands don't solve
the problem.
	Anything else that you've done custom, for instance, by loading
certan modules which aren't
	loaded by the default configuration?

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