[Mailman-Users] Address farming via the Web?

Clark Evans clark.evans at manhattanproject.com
Sun Apr 11 03:57:16 CEST 1999

"Barry A. Warsaw" wrote:
> I bet what's happening is that they're following the link to the
> archives and then trolling through them for email addresses.  That sucks.

Perhaps you can ask each person subscribing for their "NickName"
in addition to their e-mail address.  Then on the membership
pages put their Nick Name (so that that's not mined either...)
and when someone posts, use e-mail -> Nick Name mapping to re-write
who the message is from.  Either attempt to re-write addresses
in "To:" and "CC:" as well, or just strip them.

For now, you can strip the address in brackets, i.e., have 
"Barry A. Warsaw" logged instead of "Barry A. Warsaw <bwarsaw...> "

This seems to be a quick solution for the archive, but it
dosn't stop member list mining...   I feel that as soon as
mailman gets big enough, people will write mailman-specific
miners that arn't messed up with the simple re-write
user at domain.com -> user at domain.com , thus the "NickName" idea.

Hope this helps.


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