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On Sun, 11 Apr 1999 10:34:50 -0400 (EDT) 
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> Finally, a suggestion.  How difficult would it be to split up the
> database into separate components.  One for general configuration,
> one for privacy options, etc.  This would at least allow me to
> "lock out" any changes by chown'ing the .db file and making it
> owned by root or whatever so user mailman can't modify it; for
> example if I want a particular list to remain not visibile in the
> listinfo either due to subject or whatever reason, and I don't
> want the list-owner to accidentally set it public.

A more general solution, which I'd *really* like for some
applications, is the ability for the site-owner to define a template
of options which then defines the defaults for all subsequently
created lists, and to be able to define each so-defined
configuration option as "locked" or not -- defining whether the list
owner can edit the value or not.  The final coup de grace would be
if upon subsequent editing of the master template, if all lists
whose owners had not edited those particular configuration values,
changed automagically to match the new site defaults.

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