[Mailman-Users] Msgs. from subscribers requiring approval?

gmelists gmelists at caffeine.sundial.net
Mon Apr 12 19:08:51 CEST 1999

Thanks for your reply.

I'm running 1.0b11.  Just changed the following options under privacy:
	Posts approved by administrator: no
	Restrict posts to list members only: yes

Send another message from gme at caffeine.sundial.net, and got the following:
Postings from member addresses only.


On Mon, 12 Apr 1999, Christopher Lindsey wrote:

> > Is there anything that would prevent a message from
> > gme at caffeine.sundial.net from being disbursed when
> > gme at caffeine.sundial.net is a subscriber?
> I would check to see if
>    o you're using the envelope address instead of the From:
>      address, but it's getting munged on your system (what
>      version are you using?  If 1.0b10 or later, try defining
>      USE_ENVELOPE_SENDER = 0 in $prefix/Mailman/mm_cfg.py).
>    o the list is moderated
>    o the headers match a regex that isn't allowed
> Chris
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