[Mailman-Users] Cron <list at petunia> /usr/bin/python /usr/lib/ma ilman/cron/run_queue

dmacdoug at hsc.usc.edu dmacdoug at hsc.usc.edu
Tue Apr 20 07:41:45 CEST 1999

Update on cron run_queue problem:

Thanks to Christopher Lindsey and Gerhard Gonter for their help. I found
that for some reason there was no file in the lock directory called
mmqueue_run.lock.  So I ran cron/run_queue by hand and it was created. 
But now the error message said "Permission denied" instead of "File not
found" so I figured I was on the right track.  It was created with
ownership of root.  Thinking this should, perhaps be mailman, I changed
it, but "permission denied" persists.  It's permissions are -rw-rw-r--. 
The lock directory is permission drwxrwxr-x also owned by mailman.

The file system isn't full as I am just setting it up new and there's
nothing on it yet.  I suppose I've probably done something wrong in the
setup.  I compiled it as user mailman.  I set up a test list according
to the instructions but it isn't accepting mail.  I had supposed that
this was a separate issue and was perhaps a matter of how things were
set up in my MTA which is Exim, but maybe I've just botched up the
installation of Mailman.

Don MacDougall
dmacdoug at hsc.usc.edu

On 20 Apr, Gerhard Gonter wrote:
> According to dmacdoug at hsc.usc.edu:
>> Can anyone tell me why I get the following error message every time
>> cron runs the queue?  This is Mailman 1.0b11.  I've looked at flock.py
>> but Python is still a foreign language to me.  I can't figure out what
>> file it isn't able to open or if that is even the problem.
> To find out what the file is, just add a print statement before the
> line 119 and run the cron job once by hand:
>   +117   while 1:
>   +118      # create the hard link and test for exactly 2 links to the file
>   +119      print "lockfile=%s tmpfname=%s" % (self.lockfile, self.tmpfname)
>   +120      os.link(self.lockfile, self.tmpfname)
>   +121      if os.stat(self.tmpfname)[ST_NLINK] == 2:
> mailman> /usr/local/bin/python /home/mailman/cron/run_queue
>   lockfile=/home/mailman/locks/mmqueue_run.lock
>   tmpfname=/home/mailman/locks/mmqueue_run.lock.augenblix.82222
> Mailman has a problem when it's file system is full, this may
> be the case actually.
> Don't forget to comment or remove the print statement when the
> problem is fixed.
> +gg
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