[Mailman-Users] Still need code info for privacy option

Nicholson James D James.Nicholson at amedd.army.mil
Tue Apr 20 23:17:17 CEST 1999

[Nicholson James D]  
I found the problem with the list not remailing anonymously.  In routine
Post(), it deletes the sender and reply-to fields and then sets the from
field.  However, it set the From field to self.GetAdminEmail.  What I needed
it to do (and what I believe it should be doing) is setting the From field
to self.GetListEmail, which will return the list address.  

However, I can't get the damned thing to change the From field for anything.
I've even done a 
	msg.setheader( 'From', 'listname at machine' ).  That's hardwired in
the Post() routine just for testing, and it isn't bloody changing the
header... at all.  I altered the MailList.py file, moved the MailList.pyc to
oldMailList.pyc, and it still does the same damned thing.  It sets the From
field to whoever sent the message.  Was I supposed to recompile the package
or something to get my changes to take effect?  I just don't know python or
mailman well enough to know even this.  Sorry.


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