[Mailman-Users] Unable to send due to localhost?

Douglas Eadline deadline at plogic.com
Wed Apr 21 21:01:11 CEST 1999

I have installed mailman 1.0b11 on a RH Linux 5.2 (2.0.36)
system.  Everything works Ok, except for this one
annoying problem.  I can not get the list to recognized my posts.

The list is restricted so that you must subscribe to post.
Well I subscribed, with my address of deadline at plogic.com,
but mailman treats this as deadline at local host and rejects it.

The rejection mail looks fine :

Your authorization is required for a mailing list posting request

    List:         Bert at plogic.com
    Reason held:  Postings from member addresses only.
    From:         deadline at plogic.com
    Subject:      Bert problem (fwd)

BUT, the administrative page shows the following:

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