[Mailman-Users] Sym link not created for public archives ..

Scott Kinnane scott.kinnane at prth.pgs.com
Wed Aug 4 10:35:13 CEST 1999

I've sort have solved the problem ... or at least I know Mailman isn't
to blame (damn :) ) - apologies for any confusion caused.

Part of the problem was not only did I upgrade, but I also moved the
archives (or rather copied to start with) of existing mailing lists. As
best as I can tell, the config.db for each list tells mailman where the
archive directory is.

Is there any easy way I can update these config files to point to the
new archive location? I only have 6 lists at this stage, so doing it
manually isn't a problem. I tried doing a "make update" - after backing
up everything, but that just broke it really well, so I restored the
config.db files and then all was back to where I was - having mailman
looking at the wrong directory for archives.

Help anyone ...


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