[Mailman-Users] Where is mail sent?

Glen Malley glen at interq.or.jp
Thu Aug 5 09:55:10 CEST 1999

Having gotten python to accept Japanese writing, and secured
the use of Kanji conversion modules, I am no faced with the
task of converting messages before they are sent out.

However, on a rather quick perusal of the scripts Deliverer.py
and MailList.py, it appears that mail from the system is treated
differently from normal mail. 

In other words, the welcome mail, unsubscribe mail, and password
updates don't appear to be sent using the same code as normal

My problem is this: once I localize the text of the confirmation
mail and other system messages, they can't be sent without first
being converted into JIS encoding. So, I need to know in which file
the code which sends that mail is located. The same is true of the
individual welcome and unsubscribe messages for each list.
The user will type the message in Japanese using one encoding method,
but due to the moronic way the world works, this method is not capable
of being sent through the mail.

So, if anyone could tell me where the code for sending messages (system
and otherwise) is located, I'd appreciate it. In the meantime, I'm going
to continue poring over this code.

One comment: this stuff could use more commenting....

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