[Mailman-Users] Mass subscription problems

Christian Dysthe cdysthe at oddbird.dyndns.org
Sat Aug 7 15:43:30 CEST 1999


yesterday I subscribed about 30.000 (from our old majordomo list) to a
list we run with the add_members script. We chose to have welcome mail
sent out to them. Our MTA (exim) broke down, and we ended up with "a
million" python/mailman processes, but very little activity. After a
while I killed the processes. Everyone is subscribed so that part went
well, but I have tons of files in /var/lib/mailman/data that looks like
quened mail, but I am not sure. 

All list functions work fine now, but I really like to know what all
the mail in /var/lib/mailman/data is and what I am supposed to do with


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