[Mailman-Users] Who is allowed to post - check From:, not Sender:/envelope

Ian Jackson ijackson at chiark.greenend.org.uk
Mon Aug 9 14:53:24 CEST 1999

An admin of a list on my system, Steve McIntyre, writes:
> Mailman seems to be a bit odd in checking identities - it's checking
> Sender: lines instead of From: lines to see if people are allowed to use
> the list. I've had to manually add several people to the allowed list to
> work around this.

I have
 # rec. by Richard B. Pyne rpyne at kinfolk.org
in my mm_cfg.py.

What I really want is for it to check the `From:' header.

I'm running Mailman 1.0rc2, from Debian (revision -5).


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