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Michael Horlick michael at rfa.org
Mon Aug 9 19:09:05 CEST 1999

dear gang --
   i am still new to mailman, but am nevertheless trying to use it as a
message board (on an intranet) in lieu of a normal wwwboard script because
of the security issues involved; i am simply linking to the archive page via
an html document, and do not allow anyone to actually subscribe to the
   my problem is this -- i have been trying to change how the message
threads are displayed on the inital archive page, as well as the general
layout of the archive page itself.  i have tried using the administrator
pages to do so (to no avail -- the update function doesn't seem to be
working), and even went as far as to try editing the files directly.  as
they are dynamically created, that didn't work either...the tcp wrappers
were causing access failure i guess;
   does anyone have an ideas as to why i can't alter the code on my archive
pages ?  are the tags really not that flexible ?  can anyone give me tips of
changing the way the archived information is displayed ?

               Michael Horlick
               michael at rfa.org
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                 own throat. "
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