[Mailman-Users] problem with arch converting majordomo archives to mailman

Todd Pfaff pfaff at edge.cis.McMaster.CA
Fri Aug 13 22:28:17 CEST 1999

On Fri, 13 Aug 1999, Ron Jarrell wrote:

> Seems to be a bug in one of the classe arch imports.. This has been reported
> twice before on this list, once by me.  I spent basically an entire day tracking it down
> in my archives, and mailed the other person that complained about it, so he could try
> my fix, but he hasn't had a chance yet, I think.

I am the other person that Ron is referring to.  I was having a similar
problem with the arch program when converting my majordomo archives to
mailman.  I hadn't had a chance yet to follow Ron's suggestions until now.

Ron, I think we're somewhat off track here...

I first tried following your suggestion of editing the dates and then
tried re-running arch.  This didn't help.  And I do, in fact, have some
dates that correspond to the formats that you thought were causing

Next I tried wiping out all my mailman archives and re-converting all my
majordomo archives.  This time it went fine!!!  No errors, except for one
majordomo archive file which, interestingly enough, had a duplicate
message in it (ie. a message which was posted twice to a list and was
identical except for some minor differences in the headers).

I'm not sure why I had problems the first time I tried using arch, but I
can think of a couple of possible reasons.  First, I started using mailman
before I converted my majordomo archives, so I already had some new
archives generated by the mailman use before I tried using arch.  Also, I
began with one of the mailman 1.0 pre-release versions and didn't run arch
until I had updated to mailman 1.0.

In any case, the arch program seems to have trouble dealing with duplicate
messages, or duplicate message headers, or something like that.

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