[Mailman-Users] Adding to the archive

Ken Manheimer klm at digicool.com
Fri Aug 20 18:12:26 CEST 1999

Yesterday, James wrote:

> to add to the archive. Unfortuantely I don't have them in mbox format, and
> my slightly primitive efforts at getting them into an appropriate shape
> aren't working - it churns for a while, but doesn't add anything to the
> archive at all.
> Basically, I need to know what it's actually looking for to identify each
> message in the file; once I know that I can fairly easily stitch up a file
> in the right format.

It's looking for a unix mailbox format 'From ...' line (*not* the
'From:' header line).  In fact, it uses the python library module
'mailbox.py' - the UnixMailbox._isrealfromline() method does the job.
You can look there for the definitive answer to your question...  (You 
might be able to use mailbox objects to translate from one format to
another - it currently handles unix, mmdf, and mh style mailboxes...)

Ken Manheimer
klm at digicool.com

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