[Mailman-Users] User Unknown problem

Kole Dunn kole at arialnet.net
Tue Aug 24 18:09:45 CEST 1999

Hi, i asked this question already, but no response or fix yet. I installed
Mailman with the Red Hat 6.0 install, and all works well until I try to
confirm  the request for joining a list. Here is the message in the
returned email:

    Recipient: <staff-request at arialnet.net>
    Reason:    <staff-request at arialnet.net>... User unknown

Is "staff-request" automatically created as a virtual recipient within
Mailman? So close to having it work, can someone please help?


ArialNet, Inc. - Arial Electronic Commerce and Fulfillment
1167 Annie Court, Minden NV 89423
Ph: 775.267.0220   FAX: 775.267.4979

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