[Mailman-Users] User Unknown problem

Tomas Fasth tomas at euronetics.se
Tue Aug 24 19:09:49 CEST 1999

Kole Dunn wrote:

> Is "staff-request" automatically created as a virtual recipient within
> Mailman? So close to having it work, can someone please help?

As part of setting up a new list you need to activate a couple of mail
For a list named "listname", these are:
listname: "|<mailman-home>/mail/wrapper post listname"
listname-admin: "|<mailman-home>/mail/wrapper mailowner listname"
listname-request: "|<mailman-home>/mail/wrapper mailcmd listname"

Be sure these aliases really exist and are activated. In case you use sendmail
you need to run the command 'newaliases' after editing the aliases file. For
backward compatibility these two aliases are also recommended:

owner-listname: listname-admin
listname-owner: listname-admin


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