[Mailman-Users] Email subscription with no confirmation

Nicholas Brenckle nicholas.brenckle at yale.edu
Sun Aug 15 20:22:54 CEST 1999

At the beginning of each year, we do a massive creation of new accounts
for students. (Well, not THAT massive but a few hundred anyway)
Currently with PMDF listserv our addstudent script on the unix host that
holds the student accounts fires off a "subscribe class-of-2001" message
to the list server and the student is added.

Mailman has that feature but requires a confirmation of the student
before the subscription is added. While most would argue that this is
acceptable, Im going to say most students as well as the administrators
of those lists will complain to me they want one step adding. Anyway to
do this? Perhaps a "subscribe [password] [digest option] [no confirm]
address=blah at blah.com"? If im sending the list password (admittedly
though unsecure email) this should work the same as if I added them via
the web interface.


Nicholas Brenckle                   Yale University School of Medicine
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