[Mailman-Users] find member command

Kory Wheatley wheakory at isu.edu
Thu Dec 2 00:17:50 CET 1999

Two questions I been trying to upgrade from mailman 1.0 to mailman1.1  I
untarred the file in a tmp directory, then configure  the
mm_cfg.py.dist.in to be the same as my current one in 1.0. Then I run
"make install"     and I get this  error  ERROR MAKE: *** NO RULE TO
MAKE TARGET `INSTALL'.  STOP. It can't find the target directory to do
the upgrade but it should because its the default  /home/mailman. Are
these the right steps I am taking to do the upgrade? Do you have to do
"./configure" after you have untarred it first then do "make install"
for the upgrade or bin/update. I must be missing a step somewhere for
the upgrade.

Also how do you use the regular expressions for the find_member. I have
tried using this program with mailman 1.0 and it dont find anything.
Here's some example how I have tried to use it.

find_members -x wheakory
find_members -x [a-z]
find_members -x /\S/   or [\S]

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