[Mailman-Users] sending message

Kory Wheatley wheakory at isu.edu
Thu Dec 2 23:56:12 CET 1999

Why does mailman queue a message that's undeliverable and try to send it
again later on in the Cron run_queue process. Why doesn't it just send
the  message and if the user doesn't exist or is undeliverable not send
it again later on just delete it. I can see why it would queue messages,
because the server host is down, but not a message that is
undeliverable. Does the Bounce options work with Sendmail 8.8. I have
configured the web interface for it to disable or delete a user who I
know is over is quota, because I get the bounce message back and it
doesn't work.  My settings are

Minimum number of days an Address has been non-fatally bad before we
take action    0
Minimum number of posts to the list since members first bounce before we
consider removing  3
Action when critical or excessive bounces are detected      Remove and
notify me

I guess I would like to know the whole delivery and rejected message
process of mailman and when and why it queues messages for Run_queue to

Also what does it cost to get support.

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