[Mailman-Users] My God! - Our List Host Is Dropping the use of Mailman

Larry Herzog larry at herzog.net
Sat Dec 4 04:26:00 CET 1999


We have been using listbox.com to host our 350-400 person Iowa State Council
of the Society for Human Resource Management Discussion List.  For about the
past year, the list has been using Mailman software, which we love.  Now
Listbox is sending us back to Majordomo, which was used prior to switching
to Mailman... Unless Majordomo has changed, this means no web-based
interactivity for our subscribers (unless of course, I want to spend a bunch
of my time writing scripts for them to use through our web site).  OUCH!

Does anyone know of (a) commercial listhosting service(s) with a solid
commitment to Mailman that we could move our list to on or about December
Larry Herzog
larry at herzog.net


Dear Listowner,

As you may recall when we set up your mailman list, it was
as a trial of an experimental platform.

Unfortunately, we have decided that it does not suit our
customer's needs well enough.  Therefore, we are
discontinuing the use of the mailman system, effective
December 10.

At that point we will be moving your mailman configurations
as best as possible.  We also have functionality to provide
web-based archives.  If you have use for these archives
please contact us to set them up.

Your default posting domain will become listbox.com, but we
will continue to forward requests and posts from
mailman.pobox.com for one month.

We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Listbox Customer Service
support at listbox.com

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