[Mailman-Users] Another archive query

Rick Niess rniess at netserver3.otr.usm.edu
Wed Dec 8 00:07:06 CET 1999

On Tue, 7 Dec 1999, Pete Holsberg wrote:
> I noticed that many lists have two archive directories,
> [listname] and [listname].mbox.
> Is this explained anywhere?

     I don't think it's *clearly* explained anywhere.  The gist of it is
that the [listname].mbox directory contains a file of the same name which
is a standard format mail file (the same UNIX format used by Elm, Pine,
and the old "mail" program).  The other archive directory (which should be
under the private directory) is where the indexed webified version of the
archives is stored.  The "arch" utility in the bin folder uses the .mbox
file as input to regenerate the webified archives should you need to
manually change them or something.  The .mbox file can also be handy if
you want to switch to an external archiver.  Both the .mbox file the
webified archive are updated by mailman every time a post goes through the
list. FYI...

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