[Mailman-Users] Cascading lists

Marc Merlin marc_news at valinux.com
Wed Dec 8 03:17:43 CET 1999

I've seen the umbrella_list and umbrella_member_suffix options, but in my
case, I have lists cascaded as such:


People on talk receive messages from announce, which itself receives the
messages from events.

People will subscribe to one of the three lists.

It looks like mailman would need a  special cascaded flag for a user so that
it doesn't  send the password  reminder there  (otherwise all the  people on
talk will receive a monthly password reminder from announce and events)

Also, it would save me from doing really ugly stuff like this:
afscv-talk:              "|sed -e 's/Subject: .Afscv-Announce. /Subject: /' -e '/mailing list/,$ d' | sed '$ d' | sed '$ d' |sed '$ d' |/var/local/mailman/mail/wrapper post afscv-talk"

I have to remove the [tag] and the lines added as a footer, otherwise they
pile up.

Are there plans to have mailman do this?

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