[Mailman-Users] Question on add_members routine

Nicholas Brenckle nicholas.brenckle at yale.edu
Wed Feb 17 17:18:40 CET 1999

Ive been testing out mailman for a few weeks now and I love it. Does
most anything I want it to and once I get a chance to check out the
python code I know I can make it to more.

I needed a program to syncronize the maillists from a database dump. I
ended up writing a perl script to do this and just call the commands as
necessary. (Build the current list from "list_members", compare to the
dump, and build the list of people to add, and the people to remove) The
remove list works great. I can do a [ignore the perl code]
$out = `$mailman_prefix/remove_members $listname @remove`;
 @remove is just a list of users to be removed.

For add_members tho it seems to only take a file as input. \
`add_memebers -n @add`
won't work. Is there a newer version of add_members? Or is this just it
and I need to start learning Python? :)

Once i get this all working, I'll post the script to the list.


Nicholas Brenckle                   Yale University School of Medicine
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