[Mailman-Users] R: Re: [Mailman-Users] ImportError in mailman-1.0b6

delbia at tin.it delbia at tin.it
Sun Jan 10 09:55:00 CET 1999

Good Barry, Python 1.5.1 has the getpass module so I could begin
to work on mailman (not so fast, I've many many things to do...)

   >Darn.  getpass.py wasn't added to Python until 1.5.1.  In the short
   >term, see if you can upgrade your Python installation.  If not, I'll
   >make sure getpass.py is distributed with the next version of Mailman
   >for Python 1.5 users.
   >Thanks for the bug report.

I'm glad to have noticed that. Not a bug however; perhaps the only thing
for you to do will be to announce on the package that Python release 
should be 1.5.1 or more recent (and not 1.5 as written)...

Best regards... and thanks for your work!


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