[Mailman-Users] Wierd Mailman problem

George Hartz georgeh at blowtorch.com
Tue Jan 12 17:53:46 CET 1999


I'm having a wierd problem with installing Mailman. Its running RedHat
Linux 5.0, with a lot of upgrades on an Alpha server. Python 1.5.1.

The web interface seems to work okay, although I don't get anything in
the archives. Should clicking on the archives link work before any
messages have been posted to the list?

Anyway the problem I seem to be having is that Mailman is failing
without any errors at all. User and group ID's seem to be set correctly.
The wrapper programs aren't logging any errors for bad UID's. (And
running the programs as an incorrect user *does* log them, so I know the
logging itself works. 

Sendmail delivers the messages properly, or at least says its sending
them properly. Nothing shows up on the list. I can't subscribe to the
list, can't post to the list, or do anything involving the lists that
requires an e-mail to actually be processed by Mailman. 

As I said, no errors logged to syslog about it, and nothing shows up in
the errors file in the mailman directory. No mail bounces back either,
which seems a second confirmation that sendmail believes the messages
are getting properly to mailman.

Is there any way to get mailman to actually log what its doing
somewhere? Any ideas where the failure might be? I'm guessing still its
a problem with the wrapper program, but no errors are being logged there

Anyone got any ideas for a way to tell if the wrapper is *actually*
being called? Its possible that sendmail may be the source of the
problem, it might be logging the attempt to run the wrapper without
actually doing it. I supposed I could deliberately configure mailman
wrong and see if I get errors then... 


email:dotorg at bangsplat.org;url:www.bangsplat.org;uin:153182;aim:tgd98

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