[Mailman-Users] public archives are private

Jeff Berliner jeff at endeavor.med.nyu.edu
Tue Jan 12 22:52:18 CET 1999

--On Tue, Jan 12, 1999 3:32 PM -0500 "Barry A. Warsaw"
<bwarsaw at cnri.reston.va.us> wrote: 

> I bet I know what's going on, you probably don't have Apache
> configured to follow symlinks in that directory.  There's an obscure
> sentence in INSTALL that eludes to this need, but I can see how this
> might be easy to overlook.
> The archives always get written to the private tree, regardless of
> whether archives are public or private.  This private tree is not
> accessible to the Web server, so when archives are private they must
> be vended via CGI (and you'll see that the URL points to a CGI
> script).  When the archives go public, a symbolic link is created from 
> the Alias path you specified, into the private tree.  This symlink
> path *is* accessible to the Web server -- provided you enable symlink
> traversal -- and so for public archives, vending is much faster.
> See the Apache option FollowSymLinks for details.

     I added a section to my access.conf which looks like:

<Directory /usr/local/mailman/archives/public>
Options FollowSymLinks
order allow,deny
allow from all

     I added the order and allow as per the example provided, but there is
no restriction on the server.  I stopped and restarted Apache, and even
recreated (rmlist -a, and newlist) my test list.  It still creates things
properly in the private directory, but my public directory remains empty
(without even a symbollic link for Apache to follow).  Am I missing
something still?  Apologies if this is me being brain dead...

                                                  - Jeff

p.s. A little humor:  One of my test lists was called "lunch", for a
co-worker and I to play with.  When looking at the listinfo page, we got a
laugh out of:

     "2 non-digested lunch users subscribed" 

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