[Mailman-Users] Sequence numbers

Barry A. Warsaw bwarsaw at cnri.reston.va.us
Wed Jan 13 00:55:47 CET 1999

>>>>> "JM" == John M <jwm at plain.co.nz> writes:

    JM> Yep. I'm using the junkbuster proxy. I'll give them a go with
    JM> the mailman site set to be allowed to use cookies. I assume
    JM> that means detailed help exists.

Yes, for many of the options (but not all).

    JM> Given that I got two messages from this list, I take it that
    JM> mailman doesn't check headers and it's list to ensure that we
    JM> only get sent one message rather than two. It shouldn't be too
    JM> hard to implement this; are there any good reasons not to?

Mostly time constraints.  We have plans to do things like, if a
message was sent to several lists, make sure no recipient on the union 
of those lists gets the message more than once.


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