[Mailman-Users] public archives are private

Andy Harrison andy at nachoz.com
Thu Jan 14 14:25:51 CET 1999

On 14-Jan-99 Barry A. Warsaw wrote:
>>>>>> "AH" == Andy Harrison <andy at nachoz.com> writes:
>     AH> I already had that option in.  The problem is that the
>     AH> directory that the symlink points to does not exist.  There
>     AH> are files in the directory, but they all end in *.mbox, which
>     AH> the symlink does not point to.
> The archives/private directory should have two directories for each
> mailing list archives/private/listname/ which contains the Pipermail
> output, and archives/private/listname.mbox/ which contains just the
> listname.mbox file -- the accumulation of posts to the list as a
> single file.
> The archives/public directory contains two symlinks for each mailing
> list that has public archives.  There's archives/public/listname which 
> points to archives/private/listname/ and there's
> archives/public/listname.mbox which points to
> archives/private/listname.mbox/
> Does your directory structure not look like this?
> -Barry
I just noticed that one of my lists is working fine, one that I created for
someone else.  The other is not.

One has the proper archive/private/listname and listname.mbox with the files
contained within.  The other only has the archive/private/listname.mbox and
does not contain any files (though mailing list operations are working

E-Mail:  Andy Harrison <andy at nachoz.com>
Date:  14-Jan-99
Time:  08:22:13

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