[Mailman-Users] Re: Passwords

Clark Evans clark.evans at manhattanproject.com
Wed Jan 20 04:38:39 CET 1999

WOW!  Very cool.   I'm off to play and try it out!

I'm just in love with the bitmap.. and so far the 
installation looks easy!  Also, to have a personal
page with options and an archive is just a dream!


I'm sure you here this often, but I was just playing
with the program on python.org, and you need 

Can this be disabled?  I mean, the world has enough 
passwords.  If some sick puppy wants to "unsubscribe" 
me or change me to digest form, as a cruel trick, 
then that's fine.  I'd rather take the chance, rather 
than have to maintain _yet another_ password. 

Rather than a password, perhaps a confirmation
e-mail might be a better approach.  

The #1 concern for a mailing list user is to
get off fast when it's not your pea soup....
trying to find that password when you want
it is _always_ a pain.  Sending it every 
month doesn't help, it just clutters the inbox.

Thus, here is the (obvious) question:

	Could the system allow signup with
        an OPTIONAL password?

This way the user is in control and the 
software serves the user, not the user
serving the software  -- which seems to be
the trend if you are on any windows computer
with those constant, demanding, popup dialog
boxes telling the user what they can do, when
they can do it, and how it should be done.  
After a while you wondering who is serving who...

Anyway, I had another idea, to help "mortal"
users along:

	By default, at the bottom of every message
	put a link the user's subscription page, 
	the current list archive, how to unsubscribe
	via e-mail, and, finally, how they can
	disable the trailer (/w option on 
	subscription page)

This would be _slick_.

Wow.  Cool product.  Now to get it to work... 

:) Clark Evans

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