[Mailman-Users] exim

Harald Meland Harald.Meland at usit.uio.no
Thu Jan 28 17:51:57 CET 1999

[Brad Crittenden]

> i've followed the threads on qmail and exim but i'm a bit confused.
> it seems that mailman does not yet support qmail but may soon.

If I interpreted Balazs correctly, the only "problem" with Qmail was
that Mailman-generated mail (i.e. subscription confirmations, password
reminders etc., but _not_ normal sent-to-a-list mail) doesn't have
Date: or Message-ID: headers.

I believe most sendmail equivalents insert these headers when they're
missing, but apparently Qmail does not.  Thus, if there is a some
sendmail equivalent between some user and Mailman running on Qmail,
that user will get mail with these headers.

> does it actually work with exim?

Yes.  This is the Mailman-relevant parts of my Exim configuration:

  # Transport
    driver = pipe
    allow_commands = /local/Mailman/mail/wrapper
    user = mailman
  # Director
    driver = aliasfile
    search_type = lsearch
    file = /local/Mailman/data/MTA_aliases
    pipe_transport = mailman_list_pipe

(Whee, I just _love_ not having to clutter with sendmail.cf anymore :)

> we're using sendmail and need to either upgrade to 8.9 or change
> MTA's.

Exim is designed to be a sendmail drop-in replacement -- very nearly
all the sendmail command-line options work in the same way when given
to Exim.

Another *big* plus (in my eyes, anyway) with Exim is that the author
is extremely helpful, and on a daily basis shares his wisdom with the
rest of the <exim-users at exim.org> mailing list (which I'm sad to say
isn't a Mailman list ;).

[ I had a look at qmail some months ago, and as soon as I realized
  that you need to define a bunch of different qmail users on any box
  where you might want to pipe something into /usr/lib/sendmail (due
  to it's compartmentalized model of execution), I realized it wasn't
  really my piece of cake.  Postfix looks good, but isn't mature
  enough yet, IMHO. ]

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