[Mailman-Users] creating lists via email ?

Marcus C. Gottwald mcg at priconet.de
Thu Jan 28 09:57:12 CET 1999


Mark Williamson wrote (Wed 1999-Jan-27 15:21:07 -0800):

> Is there an email interface for creating/removing mailing
> lists?  We'd like to be able to send a message to an
> admin address and create/remove mailing lists, or via a
> web browser.  Is this possible?

It is definitely possible to have a web-based interface for
creating mailing-lists. I have two of them running.
However, there is currently no routine for checking wether
the input makes sense. This could be added to the (Perl-)
script which is doing the job. 

By controlling the access to the script, you can determine
who is allowed to use it and create lists.

See ya, Marcus

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