[Mailman-Users] Suggestion: link to admin from each list's listinfo page

Mitchell Marks mitchell at walrus.uchicago.edu
Sat Jul 3 06:24:23 CEST 1999

We have a prominent link from our front page to the Mailman listinfo 
page.  But some of my list administrators sail right by the paragraph at 
the top that's addressed to them and links to the admin overview page, and 
instead see their list below and click on it.  At this point they're at the 
listinfo page for their list, and don't see the admin options they're 

Of course, the listinfo page is for subscribers and potential subscribers, 
and I wouldn't suggest mixing in admin functions there.  However, a note to 
the list admin, with link to the admin pages for that list, would be nice.

Mitch Marks

Mitchell Marks                          (773) 702-6041 AAC-010A
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