[Mailman-Users] Mailman oddity... again...

Mike Cisar mcisar at starmania.net
Sun Jul 4 03:42:11 CEST 1999

Have run across another oddity trying to get Mailman installed and
running... as background the system is running Redhat Linux 6.0.  The system
is running as stage2.starmania.net but also virtualhosts lists.starmania.com
(the virtual host where the lists will be running).  I've just pulled down
the latest CVS version of Mailman, to make sure I'm as current as

I seem to be running into a problem where mailman thinks it knows where it
is sometimes, but not others... take as an example the subscription
confirmation request message shown below.  In the text portion of the
message all is as it should be (all addresses pointing to
@lists.starmania.com) but the message headers are a different story, they
are all pointing to @starmania.net (a completely different machine, which is
probably why this problem became evident).  Looking in MailList.py
(somewhere around line 879) I can see that self.GetRequestEmail() and
self.GetAdminEmail() seem to be called to fill in the blanks in both the
headers and the body of the message... so the question (I think) is why
self.host_name is returning 2 different sets of values?  That, I am afraid,
is the limit of my debugging skill... hopefully the grand Mailman gurus can
figure out what's happening from there!

-- message clip, unimportant parts <..SNIP..>ped for brevity --
Message-Id: <199907030031.SAA28877 at stage2.starmania.net>
From: starmania-news-request at starmania.net
Subject: Starmania-news -- confirmation of subscription -- request 318541
To: admin at starmania.net
Date: Fri Jul  2 18:31:22 1999
Reply-to: starmania-news-request at starmania.net
Errors-To: starmania-news-admin at starmania.net
X-Mailman-Version: 1.0rc2+
Precedence: bulk
List-Id:  <starmania-news.lists.starmania.com>
starmania-news at lists.starmania.com mailing list.  To confirm the
request, please send a message to
starmania-news-request at lists.starmania.com, and either:
this message.  Send questions to starmania-news-admin at lists.starmania.com.
-- end of message clip --

Thanks again,
>>>>> Mike <<<<<

P.S. I seem to have worked around my earlier problem with the error "Mailman
mail-wrapper: Failure to exec script. WANTED gid 12, GOT gid 65535.
(Reconfigure to take 65535?)" by adding a group numbered 65535 to my
/etc/group file.  I have a suspicion that isn't nessesarily a wise/safe
solution to the problem (is it???), but it is allowing the wrapper to run
until such time as some Linux guru can tell me who's hat it's pulling 65535
out of.  I'm beginning to suspect it may be getting that value somehow from
the virtual local delivery agent used to handle the mail (seeing as
lists.starmania.com is a virtual server)... but should not any running
program be running under a group that actually exists??

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