[Mailman-Users] Couple of basic newbie questions

Andy McClements a.mcclements at linst.ac.uk
Tue Jul 6 13:38:37 CEST 1999

Hi All,

Now I've got things cooking I need to tune some of the lists I'm
establishing. As Mailman will probably replace our old listserver, I need
to maintain a few things, such as the actual list addresses.


1.	The listserver will be known by a hostname different from the FQDN. The
default address for the mailman-owner is "mailman-owner at fqdn". Where do I
change this to "mailman-owner at listserv.domain.org" ? Do I need to
re-configure/re-install after changing this ?

2.	I can set the base domainname for mail addresses associated with each
list, but I'd like to have the list address itself at a different
domainname from all the other contact addresses. What's the cleanest way to
achieve this?


test-list-admin at listserv.domain.org
test-list-request at listserv.domain.org
test-list-owner at listserv.domain.org

but use;

test-list at domain.org

(I can kludge this by using an alias on the main mail-exchanger, but I'd
like the list address sent out in subscribe messages to be "correct".)

Apologies in advance, as I'm sure these may have been addressed previously.


Andy McClements            | mailto: a.mcclements at linst.ac.uk 
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